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Precision Hydrogen SL Chosen Among Top 15 Innovations in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards

Peak Scientific’s newly launched Precision Hydrogen SL has been chosen among the top 15 innovations in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2019 (TASIAs) last December. The awards serve to highlight the latest game-changing technology making waves across the analytical science community.

Ranking in 11th place, Precision Hydrogen SL was selected for its strong potential to have a positive impact in the lab as a smaller, simpler and safer hydrogen gas supply alternative to compressed gas in cylinders.

precision sl

Precision Hydrogen SL

Unveiled in September 2019, Precision Hydrogen SL is the smallest and simplest laboratory-grade hydrogen generator in its class, producing hydrogen at the push of a button whilst taking up minimal lab bench space. Available in both 100cc/min and 200 cc/min models, Precision Hydrogen SL provides an efficient hydrogen gas solution for GC flame detectors, such as FID, at a purity of 99.9995%.

Precision Hydrogen SL also improves lab safety by removing the dangers of manhandling heavy pressurized gas containers, with < 200cc gas being stored. Automatic failsafe technology also shuts down the generator in the unlikely event of a leak.

Ed Connor, Product Manager at Peak Scientific, says,

We’re very pleased to have been selected among the top 15 innovations in TASIAs 2019. Precision Hydrogen SL is truly an innovation in the field of GC-FID in its unique combination of features offering labs a simply yet reliable solution for hydrogen gas supply.

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