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17th Jun 2018, 8:00am to 20th Jun 2018, 17:00pm

Lund, Sweden


About SCS 2018

SCS is the first national chemistry meeting hosted by the Swedish Chemical Society from the 17-20th June 2018. This meeting will bring together individuals from various areas of chemistry, who will attend a programme of informative lectures, exciting specialized parallel sessions and plenty of room for interactions with meeting participants and exhibitors between scientific sessions.

In between scientific sessions, Peak will be at Booth 13 to show you how a gas generator is the better option for your laboratory's mass spectrometer or gas chromatograph. One of our dedicated representatives will be able to talk you through the benefits that gas generators have as opposed to pressurized cylinders, which can be dangerous and costly.

At the exhibition, Peak will be showcasing the Precision series of GC gas generators, which are the cutting-edge of Peak Scientific innovation in robust and dependable design. Not only is Precision the safe and practical GC gas solution for hydrogen and nitrogen gas, but it is flexible as various models can be stacked in multiple variations to suit your lab's specific GC analysis. The nitrogen and hydrogen on-site generators are available in two purity based versions – Standard and Trace laboratory grades. Choice of the most suitable model for you, depends on the use of the product (Trace for GC carrier gas, Standard for GC detector gas).

Speak to one of our representatives at Booth no. 13 to find out more.

About Peak

Peak Scientific is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and support of high performance gas generators for analytical laboratories. Peak’s nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air generators are the ideal solution to support LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and GC (Gas Chromatography) applications.

When you purchase a gas generator from Peak, you begin a lasting relationship throughout the generator's lifespan. We support you by safeguarding your gas supply with our range of generator maintenance plans. [Peak Protected]  aftercare plans help to support you locally, wherever you are in the world. With flexible payment terms and multi-year and multi-generator discounts, you will have peace of mind and managed running costs for long, hassle-free gas throughout the generator's life.

Show details:
17-20th June 2018
Lund University, Sweden

SCS Lund 2018

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