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North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW)

22nd Jul 2018, 8:00am to 25th Jul 2018, 17:00pm

Naples Grande, Florida


North American Chemical Residue Workshop, NACRW, USA.

About Peak Scientific
For 20 years, Peak Scientific has provided market-leading hydrogen, nitrogen, and zero air gas generators to the fields of LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry), GC (Gas Chromatography), plus many more analytical instruments.

When you buy a gas generator from Peak it is the beginning of a lasting relationship throughout the generator’s lifetime. We know that wear and tear is inevitable, so we cater for it with our [Peak Protected] aftersales plan. If you choose [Peak Protected], you will have a certified field service engineer on your doorstep to help get you back up and running within 48 hours (mainland US only).

You can find us at many events across the country throughout the year (see a full list of all the events we are attending here). This time, you can join us at NACRW.

The North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW) organizes a yearly meeting for scientists with a specific focus on trace level analysis of pesticides, veterinary drug residues, and other chemicals in food, animal feed, and environmental samples. There are typically 300-350 guests who attend the event and they are from various sectors such as, environmental, government, and academia.

To advance your technical knowledge on residue level analyses of pesticides, veterinary drugs, and environmental contaminants, join Peak Scientific at NACRW. The event will circulate the latest analysis methods and techniques.

Show Details
July 22-25, 2018

Naples Grande, Naples, Florida, USA

Visit the show website for more information and register here.



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