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18th Oct 2018, 16:00pm to 18th Oct 2018, 21:00pm

Boston, MA, USA


About Peak
At Peak Scientific, we specialize in the creation, production and continuous support of high performance gas generators  for analytical laboratories. We want to make your lab gas supply more efficientmore reliable, and more importantly, cost-effective. With a wide range of models supplying nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air, contact us today to find out the best solution for your lab should you be using a single or multiple mass spectrometers, ELSDs, GCs or other laboratory application requiring high purity gas.

What differentiates us from other gas generator suppliers is our world-class after sales care. When you buy a generator from Peak, it is the beginning of a lasting relationship, throughout the generator’s lifetime.

We know that wear and tear is inevitable, so we cater for it with our [Peak Protected] aftersales plans. With dedicated Peak field service engineers located in every state across the U.S., we can provide a market-leading rapid response service to our customers in less than 48 hours (mainland U.S. only).

GBMSDG was created in 1985 as a platform to serve the mass spectrometry community by giving users a platform to exchange ideas, information, and research and development. The annual GBMSDG corporate night includes a vendor exhibit, time for interaction between scientists, dinner, and a plenary lecture.

Join Peak Scientific at GBMSDG and discover how a gas generator could be the perfect addition to your lab, and how our aftercare plans are second to none.

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October 18, 2018

Cambridge, MA

To learn more about GBMSDG, click HERE.


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