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CFABS Vancouver

24th Oct 2019, 15:00pm to 24th Oct 2019, 21:00pm

Hilton Vancouver Metrotown


When: 3.15pm – 9.30pm 24th October 2019
Where: Hilton Vancouver Metrotown

Join Peak Scientific as we exhibit our range of nitrogen and hydrogen gas generators at the Vancouver edition of the post-ASMS Mass Spec Symposium, CFABS (Canadian Forum for Analytical and Bioanalytical Sciences). This event is free to attend and will focus on topics such as Analytical, Bioanalytical, Environmental, Food, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Forensic and Instrumental.

Solaris XE Nitrogen Generator

We will exhibit our Solaris XE at CFABS Vancouver. Solaris XE has been engineered using membrane technology to meet the demands of labs using LC-MS or multiple lower flow nitrogen instruments such as ELSDs or Compact Mass Spectrometers.

Solaris XE can deliver varying flow rates up to 35L/min of high purity nitrogen, purity up to 99.5% and outlet pressure can be adjusted down from 116psi. This makes it a flexible solution for a variety of applications.

We hope you can join us in Vancouver where one of our lab gas experts will be available to talk to you about your hydrogen and nitrogen gas requirements.

Can’t make the meeting? Contact us now with your lab gas requirements.


CFABS Vancouver

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