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ASMS Toronto 2018

30th Apr 2018, 17:00pm to 30th Apr 2018, 20:00pm

Toronto, Canada


 ASMS Toronto April 30, 2018

About Peak
Join Peak Scientific at ASMS Toronto, where you can pick the brains of our knowledgeable sales agents and find out why a gas generator might be right for you. For 20 years, we have excelled in providing market-leading nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air gas generators mainly for the field of LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and GC (Gas Chromatography).

Apart from our award-winning products, Peak offer a highly sought after service plan called, Peak Protected. With Peak Protected, if any issues arise with your generator, you will have a trained field service engineer on your doorstep within 72 hours to help you get back up and running.

About ASMS Toronto
ASMS Toronto will be hosted by CFABS, a non-profit scientific organization, which aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and ideas on Analytical and Bioanalytical Sciences. The Spring 2018 Mass Spectrometry meeting will take place on April 30th, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Toronto Airport.

You can expect an evening of exciting seminars on subjects like the role of Mass Spectrometry in the cannabis sector, MS-based lipidomics analyses, and UPLC-MS/MS.

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April 30, 2018

Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport

To learn more about CFABS, click HERE. To register, click HERE.

CFABS Toronto 2018

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