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The Precision series GC gas generators:

  • Nitrogen, hydrogen, zero air and compressed air gas generators at various flow rates
  • Continuous and consistent source of high purity nitrogen, hydrogen, zero air for GC
  • Complete solution for carrier gas, make up gas, reference gas, sample preparation and as flame support or fuel gases
  • Flexible system allows modules to be combined in a single stack to deliver various gas types, flows and purities required to meet your specific needs
  • Compact, stackable system maximizing the use of valuable laboratory floor or bench space
  • Safer and more convenient than pressurized gas cylinders, dewars or bulk storage
  • Proven and robust safety systems including internal leak detection on hydrogen generators
  • Economic solution - long term fixed-cost investment, eliminate risk of rising gas cylinder prices and unpredictable helium prices
  • Very low maintenance required
  • LED front panel status indicator and touch screen panel on hydrogen models
  • 12 month warranty across the series, 3 year PEM cell warranty on hydrogen models
  • Complete peace of mind and lifetime performance with [Peak Protected] generator care plans (available separately), protecting your productivity

To find out more about how Precision can streamline your lab and Gas Chromatography analysis, including replacing Helium with Hydrogen as carrier gas in your method, please visit the Learn section.

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