7th June 2024

Uncovering hydrocarbons with LogServ in Turkey's oil & gas industry

We spoke with Fatih Bilek, Head Technician at LogServ, to understand how PEAK helps them achieve optimal results. LogServ Energy, a leading provider of Surface Logging Services, relies on gas generation to supply high purity gas to their critical operations in Turkey's oil & gas industry.

LogServ analyzes oil and gas drillings for the presence and type of hydrocarbons using specialized GC equipment. To meet these specific needs, they utilize the Precision Zero Air 1500cc and Precision Air Compressor.

Previously using TCD-type GCs, their transition to industrial models necessitated a new gas supply solution. Partnering with PEAK distributor Ant Teknik, they discovered the right solution for their lab.

"After-sales service is crucial in our field," emphasizes Fatih, highlighting a key reason for choosing PEAK Scientific gas generators. PEAK’s dedication to ongoing support provides LogServ with the confidence they need to focus on their work. Fatih further adds, "We were particularly impressed by the close follow-up after the purchase, ensuring a smooth installation and usage process."

A seamless experience from start to finish

LogServ commends the entire purchasing process, praising PEAK's responsiveness, ease of ordering, flexibility, and timely delivery. "All of them were on time," says Fatih, "That's why we thank your team and representatives."

This positive experience continued after installation. PEAK certified engineers ensured a smooth transition with close monitoring and guidance. Fatih remarks, "We are fully satisfied with the entire process."

LogServ enthusiastically recommends PEAK Scientific generators and their partner Ant Teknik, citing the companies’ "high brand quality, excellent sales & after-sales processes, and outstanding maintenance services." 

Logserv Energy Fatih Bilek (2024)

Need clean air solutions for your analysis?

We have you covered with zero air, ultra zero air, calibration gas generators and supporting compressors.

Zero air gas generators

PEAK Scientific’s zero air generators supply up to 30 lpm that remove hydrocarbons to undetectable levels (<0.1 ppm) using oxidative catalysis. This ensures air supply for your GC, TOC, CO2 analysis and other applications requiring high purity. We also provide ultra zero air and calibration gas generators, plus supporting compressors for a complete solution.

Rs1393 Precision Zero Air (1) 195A6

Precision Air Compressor, Precision Zero Air, Solaris XE lab nitrogen generator.

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