Bruce Peat

6th February 2017

LINDA buys a Gas Subscription Service

Peak Scientific's Gas Subscription Service, FlexFlow, is the gas cylinder reinvented, delivering lab gas on demand with all the benefits of a gas generator without the hassle and cost of gas cylinders.

To help understand the benefits of FlexFlow and how it works, we've teamed up with Lab Manager to create a L.I.N.D.A. (LEADERSHIP • INFORMATION • NEGOTIATING • DECISION-MAKER • ACCOUNTABLE) video. These are a suite of videos created by Lab Manager showing how to make the best purchase decisions for essential lab equipment.

Watch the video below:

As the video shows, a FlexFlow, gas subscription contract removes cost, hassle and stress from a lab's nitrogen gas supply, giving labs more time to concentrate on performing analysis and monitoring results.

  • Less Costs as there can be significant savings when switching from gas cylinders to FlexFlow.
  • Less Hassle as there is less administration of managing cylinder ordering and training staff to use, handle and switchover gas cylinders. There is also no need to worry about servicing and maintaining your generator as this is all included as part of the subscription.
  • Less Stress as FlexFlow provides a constant source of nitrogen at a consistent purity meaning one less obstacle in the lab's workflow, saving time and making the lab more efficient.

With FlexFlow labs get the LC-MS nitrogen that they need for as little as $27 per month (that can be as much as a 50% saving on cylinder supply).

Find out how much you could save    


See all of Lab Manager's L.I.N.D.A. videos at this link.

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