Emma Brady

14th August 2015

CFH and PH series trade-in scheme

Trade-in your CFH or PH and upgrade to Precision!

If you own or use an old PH or CFH series hydrogen generator from Peak Scientific, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a next generation Precision series hydrogen model with our trade-in scheme.

Having now been discontinued, the venerable CFH and PH series hydrogen generators are no longer available directly from Peak Scientific, although we do continue to support existing customers with spare parts, maintenance and continuing [Peak Protected]™ service plans. However we cannot guarantee the long-term availability of spare parts into the future, and increasing running costs with age are always a risk... As is increasing likelihood of an unexpected breakdown.

Upgrading to a new generation Precision generator is the best way to ensure worry-free hydrogen generation in the lab, avoiding any of those increasing running costs (servicing and parts) and the risk of lost productivity as a result of generator breakdown.

Here are just a few reasons to upgrade to Precision:

• Better performance – better purity, higher flow available
• Lower running costs – less frequent maintenance
• Save space – compact multi-gas stack to meet your GC gas needs
• Peace of mind – protect your productivity with more reliable technology

What’s more, if you already enjoy the benefit of a [Peak Protected]™ service plan with your CFH or PH but wish to upgrade to Precision, your existing cover will roll-over to extend the new Precision warranty (added to 12 months on-site warranty), so you don’t lose out.

To learn more about specific trade-in incentives in your region, please contact your local Peak sales office or authorized Peak distributor, or get in touch with us via the Request Quote page.




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