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Peak attends oil & gas workshop at Vietnam Petroleum Institute

Earlier this month, the Peak Vietnam team attended an oil and gas workshop jointly hosted by Agilent and Transmed at the Vietnam Petroleum Institute.

Agilent Oil and gas workshop Vietnam

The workshop focused on oil & gas analysis methods using Agilent GCs, and was attended by around 40 guests from oil laboratories in the South of Vietnam.

Agilent Oil and Gas Workshop Vietnam

Peak showcased our Precision series of hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air gas generators, a modular gas generation solution for Gas Chromatography.

Peak Precision GAs generator range

Precision series gas generators

The Precision series proved popular, attracting a lot of interest from the workshop participants:

peak precision booth showcase

peak precision booth showcase

To find out more about the Precision series    

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Liam - 06/02/2020 09:26
Oil refineries are potentially dangerous places, which is why they employ highly trained and sensible engineers to operate them following strict operating procedures
Gabby Spiteri - 07/02/2020 08:30
Hello Liam,

Thank you for your comment.

On-site hydrogen gas generators, such as Peak's Precision range, come with built-in failsafe features for automatic shutdown in the unlikely event of a leak. This makes hydrogen gas generators a safer alternative to cylinders for oil and gas labs when compared to pressurized gas cylinders.


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