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Hydrogen Safety with an On-site Gas Generator

As a highly flammable tasteless, colorless and odorless gas, hydrogen can be a huge cause of concern for many labs. For this reason, hydrogen generators have been replacing more traditional methods of hydrogen gas supply, providing a safer environment in the lab.

Hydrogen gas is in high demand amongst labs across the world. Offering faster analysis in gas chromatography as a carrier gas in many circumstances compared with helium as well as support to flame detectors as a fuel gas, something helium is not suited for, it’s easy to understand why so many labs need a reliable source of hydrogen gas.

There are a number of ways of sourcing hydrogen gas but with hydrogen safety on their mind due to the high flammability of the gas, an increasing number of lab managers around the world are now opting for an on-site hydrogen generator instead of the more traditional supply method through tanks, dewars or cylinders.

Hydrogen Safety Benefits with a Hydrogen Generator

Sourcing hydrogen gas though pressurized cylinders can pose an explosive risk due to the large volumes of gas stored. The safer alternative to supplying gas to your instrument is using an in-house hydrogen generator. Installing a hydrogen generator in your lab means you can put an end to the risk of transporting cylinders and storing volumes of potentially explosive hydrogen gas on your site.

Precision Hydrogen Generator

Precision Hydrogen

For instance, compared with a high-pressure cylinder that typically stores up to 9000L of hydrogen gas at a pressure of ~2000-3000 psi, a Peak hydrogen generator stores less than 300cc. What is more, Peak’s range of hydrogen generators produce hydrogen gas on-demand to meet the requirements of your instrument at regulated pressure (120 psi max) and flow (0.5L max), this means only a very small amount of hydrogen is ever stored in the generator at any one time, far below the explosive limit.

Pressurized gas cylinders can be dangerous and need to be handled with care to prevent accidents or damage. With a hydrogen generator for your lab however, not only do you eliminate these risks associated with high-pressure cylinders, but you can also maintain hydrogen safety in the lab thanks to built-in features specifically designed to further safeguard your lab.

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Peak Scientific’s hydrogen generators are also equipped with advance fail-safe technology, shutting down the gas generator and with an alarmed warning in the unlikely event of a leak. In addition to the leak detectors, Peak’s Precision hydrogen generators are backed by continuous internal and external leak checks, including pressure checks and diagnostic checks at start-up, reducing the risks to the absolute minimum.

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