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Gas Generators and The Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Labs are increasingly switching from gas cylinders to a gas generator for a number of reasons, and a primary one is reducing down time. Although a laboratory gas generator requires maintenance, having a preventive maintenance plan in place is essential to ensure maximum performance of your equipment. 

When performing sample analysis with a gas generator, it’s critical that the equipment runs at optimal performance, not only to avoid sample analysis disruption but also to maintain the gas generator’s quality.

It is often the case that when a gas generator breaks down, it turns out that the required generator maintenance was missed. It could also be the case that a gas generator fails because it was inadequately serviced by an uncertified third party who might also replace and install unapproved parts for your equipment. Peak Scientific advocates that only Peak certified and trained engineers are qualified to perform service on Peak gas generators to ensure the integrity of a lab’s gas supply.


The advantages of having a gas generator maintenance plan

Having an annual preventive maintenance plan scheduled with your instrument manufacturer is sufficient to ensure your gas generator runs at optimum performance. We would also advise referring to your gas generator’s user manual to conduct regular maintenance specified for your particular unit. So, what are the main benefits of having a scheduled maintenance plan?

  • Ensure equipment is safe to use
  • Eliminate the likelihood of a major equipment breakdown
  • Boost gas generator performance for full efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Extend lifespan of your system

We’ll give you peace of mind

At Peak Scientific, we’re always investing in our global team of field service engineers. Fully certified and regularly trained, our engineers provide maintenance and service support to our customers no matter where they are located in the world.

Offering a rapid response and technical support, you can rest assured our engineers will safeguard your lab’s gas supply with one of our [Peak Protected] preventive maintenance plans. Peak’s world-class aftersales support, not only ensures your gas generator is kept in a great condition, but also makes sure your gas generator runs at superior performance for the best results.

At Peak, we see your gas generator as your laboratory’s lifeline, providing your analytical instruments the gas supply required to perform accurate sample analysis and achieve the right results. It’s time to start focusing on what really matters, and with a [Peak Protected] maintenance plan, you can.

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