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Upcoming Events


11 Dec 7:00am

Visit us at AOMSC this December, and find out how a gas generator might be the best option for your analysis.


17 Jan 8:00am

Safeguard your lab gas supply with a Peak Scientific gas generator. Visit us at GCC 2017 to find out more.


1 Feb 9:00am

Join us in Lorne in February 2018 at APS, to help publicise the advancements in proteomics and meet with our experts to talk gas generators & how they can be beneficial to your research.

Lab Supply

14 Mar 9:00am

Visit us at Lab Supply in Frankfurt in March 2018 to find out how a gas generator could streamline your workflow.

ArabLab 2018

18 Mar 8:00am

Safeguard your gas supply at ArabLab 2018 with a gas generator from Peak Scientific.

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