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Activate your new Genius XE here

Having taken delivery and successfully installed your new Genius XE Nitrogen, this is the final step to getting your gas generator activated and delivering laboratory-grade nitrogen to your application. Thankfully, it's quick and easy!

After registering your details via the form below including the all-important serial number (where to find), you will be given a 4-digit activation pin code which you simply input via the touchscreen control panel on your new Genius XE. Please refer to your product's installation guide for more information on system start-up.

The activation code will be displayed on screen following successful submission of the form below. We will also send you an automated email with the pincode for your records - this will go to the email address you provide in registration below. Please ensure this is valid and correct.

If you have any problems with the pincode activation on your Genius XE, please check that you have submitted the correct product serial number in the form below. Any errors in the serial number submitted will give you the wrong pincode for your Genius XE nitrogen gas generator!

Please visit our Genius XE activation help page for more assistance should you encounter any problems.

Your serial number will be found at the rear of your unit

Please enter date in format DD/MM/YY

Please enter the code as shown:

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